Author(s): TIBOR R. MACHAN
Auburn University
Journal: Journal of Academic Research in Economics
Volume: 2(1)
Year: 2010
Full text:
Publisher: Spiru Haret University - Faculty of Accounting and Financial Management, Constanta

Abstract. A bona fide morality favors a consistent free market capitalist system of law. If there are dangers, if there are dangers and temptations arising from such a society, let the various institutions that can develop amongst free people respond to them. Individuals and their various voluntary organizations—not governments that have the unique responsibility to use force judiciously—ought to take care of our souls, our medical needs, our preservation of monuments, historical buildings, wild parks and the rest. Let those things be taken care of by people in their voluntary interaction, not by some elite that thinks itself to be above the rest of us—even if they do it democratically.

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