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The Journal of Transdisciplinary Environmental Studies

ISSN: 16022297
Publisher: Department of Environment, Technology and Social Studies, Roskilde
Country: Denmark
Start year: 2002

Systems, Signs & Actions

ISSN: 16528719
Publisher: Lingköping University, Aarhus University
Country: Sweden
Start year: 2005

Journal for Christian Theological Research

ISSN: 10871624
Publisher: Christian Theological Research Fellowship
Country: United States
Start year: 1996

Journal of Game Theory

ISSN: 2325-0046 E-ISSN: \"2325-0054 \"
Publisher: Scientific & Academic Publishing
Country: USA
Start year: 2012

Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program Initial Reports

ISSN: 10962158
Publisher: Ocean Drilling Program
Country: United States
Start year: 1997

Trends in Fisheries Research

ISSN: ISSN: 2319–474X (Print); 2319–4758 (Online)
Publisher: DAMA International
Country: India
Start year: 2012

Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine

ISSN: 17470862
Publisher: Library Publishing Media, Oxford
Country: United Kingdom
Start year: 2005

Open Medicine

ISSN: 19112092
Publisher: Open Journal Systems
Country: Canada
Start year: 2007


ISSN: 16169026
Publisher: Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Medizinisches Bibliothekswesen
Country: Germany
Start year: 2001

International Journal of Biological Engineering

ISSN: 2163-1875 E-ISSN: 2163-1883
Publisher: Scientific & Academic Publishing
Country: USA
Start year: 2011