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Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly

ISSN: 10672478
Publisher: Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy
Country: United States
Start year: 1997

E-Journal of Organizational Learning and Leadership

ISSN: d0000925
Publisher: weLEAD Inc., Ohio
Country: United States
Start year: 2002


ISSN: 14997185
Publisher: Dalhousie University's Electronic Text Centre
Country: Canada
Start year: 2001

Partnership : the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research

ISSN: 19119593
Publisher: The Partnership: The Provincial and Territorial Library Associations of Canada
Country: Canada
Start year: 2006

The Future of Children

ISSN: 10548289
Publisher: Princeton University
Country: United States
Start year: 1991

Anthropological Science

ISSN: 13488813
Publisher: The Anthropological Society of Nippon
Country: Japan
Start year: 2003

Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences

ISSN: 03009734
Publisher: Upsala Medical Society
Country: Sweden
Start year: 2005

Journal of Epithelial Biology & Pharmacology

ISSN: 18750443
Publisher: Bentham open
Country: United States
Start year: 2008

International Journal of Science, Environment and Technology

ISSN: 2277-663X
Publisher: Scientific Research Forum
Country: India
Start year: 2012

Qualitative Report

ISSN: 10520147
Publisher: Nova Southeastern University, School of Social and Systemic Studies
Country: United States
Start year: 1990