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EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking

ISSN: 16871472
Publisher: Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Country: United States
Start year: 2004


ISSN: 14563010
Publisher: Finnish Folklore Society
Country: Finland
Start year: 1995

Knowledge Politics Quarterly

ISSN: 17577675
Publisher: Knowledge Politics
Country: United Kingdom
Start year: 2007

Cultural Logic: An Electronic Journal of Marxist Theory and Practice

ISSN: 10973087
Publisher: Department of English and Foreign Languages
Country: United States
Start year: 1997


ISSN: 16162617
Publisher: Christian Stegbauer, Klaus Schönberger, Jan Schmidt
Country: Germany
Start year: 2000

Research in Middle Level Education Online

ISSN: 19404476
Publisher: National Middle School Association
Country: United States
Start year: 2007

Plagiary. Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Plagiarism, Fabrication, and Falsification

ISSN: 15593096
Publisher: University of Michigan, Scholarly Publishing Office
Country: United States
Start year: 2006

Advances in Computing

ISSN: 2163-2839; E-ISSN:
Publisher: Scientific & Academic Publishing
Country: USA
Start year: 2011

Nordic Road and Transport Research

ISSN: 11015179
Publisher: Statens Väg- och Transportforskningsinstitut
Country: Sweden
Start year: 1998

Theory of Computing

ISSN: 15572862
Publisher: University of Chicago, Department of Computer Science
Country: United States
Start year: 2005