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PhaenEx: Journal of Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture

ISSN: 19111576
Publisher: University of Windsor
Country: Canada
Start year: 2006

BMC Ecology

ISSN: 14726785
Publisher: BioMed Central
Country: United Kingdom
Start year: 2001

E-Journal of Applied Psychology

ISSN: 18327931
Publisher: Swinburne University of Technology
Country: Australia
Start year: 2005


ISSN: 2249-2909
Publisher: Geographical Society of North Bengal
Country: India
Start year: 2011

Proceedings of the 1st IISHSS International Conference on the Economics and Psychosociology of Intercultural Relations in the Contemporary Mediascape

ISSN: 978-1-935494-26-3; LCCN: 2011908773
Publisher: Addleton Academic Publishers, New York
Country: United States of America
Start year: 2011

Journal of Information Technology Education

ISSN: 15479714
Publisher: Informing Science Institute
Country: United States
Start year: 2002

BoneKEy-Osteovision Virtual Journal

ISSN: 15334368
Publisher: HighWire
Country: United States
Start year: 2004

Advances in Analytical Chemistry

ISSN: 2163-2839; E-ISSN: 2163-2847
Publisher: Scientific & Academic Publishing
Country: USA
Start year: 2011

Open Energy and Fuels Journal

ISSN: 18742483
Publisher: Bentham open
Country: United States
Start year: 2008

Folklore Studies

ISSN: 03880370
Publisher: Asian Folklore Studies
Country: Japan
Start year: 1942