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Proceedings of the 2nd ICBE

ISSN: ISBNs: 978-1-935494-17-1, 978-1-935494-18-8
Publisher: Addleton Academic Publishers, New York
Country: United States of America
Start year: 2010

Current Research in Social Psychology

ISSN: 10887423
Publisher: University of Iowa, Department of Sociology
Country: United States
Start year: 1995

Biological Procedures Online

ISSN: 14809222
Publisher: University of Waterloo, Faculty of Science
Country: Canada
Start year: 1998

Progress in Physics

ISSN: 15555534
Publisher: HEXIS (Arizona)
Country: United States
Start year: 2005

Japanese Journal of Biometeorology

ISSN: 03891313
Publisher: Japanese Society of Biometeorology
Country: Japan
Start year: 2000

Journal of Oral Science

ISSN: 13434934
Publisher: Nihon University School of Dentistry
Country: Japan
Start year: 2004

Algorithms Research

ISSN: 2324-9978 E-ISSN: \"2324-996X \"
Publisher: Scientific & Academic Publishing
Country: USA
Start year: 2012

Quality Issues and Insights in the 21st Century

ISSN: 2029-9575
Publisher: Scientia Socialis, UAB
Country: Lithuania
Start year: 2012

Journal of Caribbean Archaeology

ISSN: 15244776
Publisher: South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology
Country: United States
Start year: 2001

Journal of Philosophy and Scripture

ISSN: 15555100
Publisher: Villanova University
Country: United States
Start year: 2003